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A successful recruitment process starts before the search and selection process begins. We continually network with available talent which means when a position becomes available we have the right people.

Offering a Partnership approach, we build a strong relationship with our clients which is a key element in understanding their needs. This in turn leads to an agreed strategy which ensures a successful outcome will be achieved.

CMB Recruitment also specialise in the sourcing of experienced Executives, Managers and Consultants on an interim management basis.

We have access to a large associate network of Interim Managers throughout the UK to ensure that we only source the perfect candidate with the specific skills set required to successfully undertake a particular assignment.
Our candidates are our most important asset. It is our goal to help you find a position that you really want, that complements your skills.....
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Below is a list of our top ten current opportunities. For full listing of all current positions available please click on the following link.....
Our normal recruitment methods will involve one or more of the tools outlined below. Depending on the assignment we can also provide Psychometric Testing, Competency Based Interview Assessments and Panel Screening.
Our process consists of carrying out industry specific research to identify and approach highly talented candidates of interest. We also make use of our large network of contacts within the marketplace to help identify potential candidates.
All suitable potential candidates are contacted immediately to establish their interest and availability. All candidates forwarded will have been interviewed and screened upon registration with CMB Recruitment to ensure that only those that meet the specific requirements and hold the necessary qualifications are shortlisted.
A managed advertisement campaign can be an effective method of attracting candidates for niche roles or for targeting potential candidates who may not be actively looking for a new position. At CMB Recruitment, we take care of the entire process from drawing up the advertisement through to the screening of all applicants and providing a final shortlist for interview.