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Our candidates are our most important asset. It is our goal to help you find a position that you really want, that complements your skills, with a company that can match your ambitions and aspirations.

We offer a career planning service based on our extensive knowledge of the Northern Ireland business community which starts when you register with CMB Recruitment.

We take a pride in building long term relationships with our candidates. In fact it is no coincidence that many of our candidates go on to become our clients.

Check out our Job Board for available positions.

If you don’t find what you are looking for don’t despair. Employers may not always advertise but they are always looking for good employees. Our network of Clients will always look at a strong CV for a potential employment contract. Send your CV or call one of our consultants to discuss.
What is my next career move? Where do I want to be in 5 years? Does my salary match my skills and experience?

In a tough economic climate it is all too easy to look at available jobs to see if your CV matches rather than to match your CV to an ideal job. Successful candidates are highlighting different career experiences, which is enabling them to apply for a job and sell their set of skills to a potential employer. Success in this approach comes from good career advice.

Call for a free initial consultation to discuss your career.
How many pages should my CV have? Do I need a Personal Profile? Should I tailor my CV for each specific job?

Your CV is the vehicle which gets you an interview which in turn gets you your next career move. Unfortunately over 90% of the CVs we receive are not presentable to a recruiting company and do not identify and sell your key skills and attributes to a potential employer.

Call for a free initial consultation to discuss your CV
A successful recruitment process starts before the search and selection process begins. We continually network with.....
job board
Below is a list of our top ten current opportunities. For full listing of all current positions available please click on the following link.....
What is a competency based interview? How do I prepare for an interview? How do I deal with difficult questions?

Employers are always looking for a specific profile or type of person. Understanding these and other factors, and preparing yourself for them, is key to being successful at interview. Our Interview Coaching will give you the confidence to approach any interview with belief and assurance.

Call for a free initial consultation to discuss your interview.